Kent Dementia Friendly Business

Kent Dementia Friendly Business 2017 & 2018

In 2016 the Kent Dementia Action Alliance considered the recommendations laid down in the Best Standard ‘Best Practice’ guidelines (PAS1365) for building Dementia Friendly Communities and promoting Dementia Friendly Organisations and Businesses. This included workshops which were hosted at Sessions House in Maidstone which were attended by various businesses and organisations as well as those living with Dementia. The information gathered at these workshops was then used to produce ‘Kent’ guidance for local businesses as to how they could both practically and realistically use the guidelines which had been issued.

The team at T G Baynes are keen to continue to find ways in which, as a business, we can support and provide accessible legal services to those living with Dementia and their families as well as helping the community to become more Dementia Friendly.

Our Court of Protection Legal Executive, Coreen Ayres, has been actively involved with those living with Dementia in the local community for the past several years. Coreen previously decided to take on the role of Chair of the Gravesend Dementia Friendly Community and sits on both the Dartford and Swanley communities as well. Our team supports local events where possible such as those which were recently arranged as a part of Dementia Awareness Week.

We are proud to announce that T G Baynes continues to be recognised as a Dementia Friendly Business for 2018 . Throughout the year we will be looking to increase the number of staff who are ‘Dementia Friends’ as well as continuing to consider ways in which services can be made more accessible. T G Baynes has also made the decision to be a ‘major sponsor’ of this year’s Dementia Awards as this is a great opportunity for all the great work which is being carried out in the community to be recognised.