Brow Lift Negligence

What is a Brow Lift?

A brow lift is a procedure that aims to raise your eyebrows and eyelids to open up the area surrounding your eyes, as well as smoothing out wrinkles on your forehead. There are two recognised approaches to do a Brow Lift:
Classic – this is where one incision is made from ear-to-ear and around the top of your hairline.
Endoscopic -  this is where a number of small incisions are made around your hairline. The surgeon then uses small surgical instruments to make changes to your brow. This approach is more favoured nowadays as it is less invasive, but there is some debate as to whether the classic or endoscopic lift is most effective. However, the choice of one over the other is often surgeon preference and utilising one over the other is not necessarily cause to suspect negligence. 

The procedure is usually performed in private hospitals, though occasionally on the NHS. responsibility for any issues following the surgery often lies with the clinician individually, though sometimes with the Hospital or perhaps both. 

How can negligence cause issues after my Brow Lift?

Many people in the UK undergo a Brow Lift it with no long-term issues at all. There are however occasions when complications may arise either during the procedure or afterwards, and sometimes this is due to the negligence of the surgeon or team carrying out the procedure and post-care.
Examples of issues that may arise include:
•    Infection in the surgical sites
•    Scarring across your brow or face
•    Numbness above your eyebrows, and a reduction in your eyebrow movement

These issues are acknowledged as potential risks of undergoing a Brow Lift and undesired results are not necessarily due to negligence. However, should your care fall below-accepted standards either during the procedure or afterwards and as a result any of these issues are caused or made worse, then you may be able to make a claim for compensation on the grounds of negligence. 

What do I do if I believe I have been a victim of Cosmetic Surgery Negligence?

When choosing to undergo a Brow Lift, you would have researched many different surgeons and hospitals. You would have trusted a team that you had got to know over a period of time. If something then goes wrong as a result of negligence that has occurred, it will be a very stressful time for you, and you are likely to be feeling upset. As a result of the negligence, you may also be in pain and need to undergo even more invasive treatment to rectify the issues. 

Our expert team of solicitors at T G Baynes appreciate how you are feeling. We have a wide range of experience in helping people like yourself make a compensation claim for Cosmetic Surgery Negligence, and we are able to guide you through the legal process from start to finish.  T G Baynes can offer No Win No Fee Agreements (CFAs) on qualifying cases.

We adopt a sensitive approach at all times to ensure that your needs and concerns are always listened to. You will always be given all the facts you need to make informed decisions about your claim. 

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