Keloid Errors Compensation Claims

What are Keloid Scars?

When you suffer an injury, in the process of healing, a scar is formed. Fibrous tissue, which is often called ‘scar tissue’, forms over the injury – it protects it, and this is quite normal.  

However, sometimes this scar tissue grows too quickly, and it can form hard growths on the skin which are called keloids, and which can often be bigger than the initial injury. They are normally found on the chest, shoulders and cheeks, but they can form on any part of the body. 

If you would like to have any keloid scars removed or reduced, there are a number of treatments and procedures available to you, including cryotherapy, steroid injections, laser treatments or surgery. 

Often such procedures are performed at private hospitals as well as occasionally on the NHS. As with any treatment at private hospitals, it is important to note who is responsible should there be anything that goes wrong, whether it be the clinician directly or the Hospital. 

How can negligence cause issues during or after my treatment for Keloid Scars?

The surgery may have been performed to an unreasonable standard leading to a worsening of the scarring rather the improvement. Often the surgeon in charge of your treatment will be very optimistic about the possible reduction in your Keloid scars, but then are not able to meet the standards you either expect or were led to believe to expect. This can perhaps cause you further physical issues, as well as emotional upset too. It is important to understand that often procedures do not turn out as expected for non-negligent reasons, but these can be as a result of poor care and thus you can bring a claim for negligence. 


What do I do if I believe I have been a victim of negligence?

If you believe that you have experienced negligence during or after any Keloid scar treatment, you will, of course, be feeling upset, and you may be in pain and need to undergo even more treatment to rectify the issues caused by the procedure.  

The dedicated team at T G Baynes appreciate how you are feeling and have a wide range of experience in helping people like yourself make a compensation claim for negligence after a Keloid scar treatment that hasn’t gone as you may have expected it to. We will guide you through the legal process from start to finish to ensure you are entitled to claim what is rightly yours, including compensation and rehabilitation if required.    T G Baynes can offer No Win No Fee Agreements (CFAs) on qualifying cases.

We adopt a sensitive approach at all times to ensure that your needs and concerns are always listened to. You will be given all the facts you need to make informed decisions about your claim. 

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