Liposuction Errors

What is Liposuction & Fat Removal/Transfer?

Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure that removes fat by making a small incision in the skin and using a thin tube, the fat cells beneath the skin surface are broken up and removed. Fat removal and transfer is similar, with the fat cells being transferred to another part of the body for the desired result.  Benefits of it are marketed to include a reduction in body fat, increased self-confidence, body image and self-esteem. 

Liposuction is not normally available through the NHS, so it is commonly carried out in private hospitals. As such, you must check your contract carefully as to who is responsible should something go awry as sometimes this is the clinician directly (in which case you must ensure that he is insured) or it can be the Hospital itself. 

Negligence in relation to these procedures

Liposuction is probably one of the most recognised cosmetic procedures in the UK at the moment, and many people undergo it with no issues at all.  

However, there are occasions when complications may arise either during the procedure or afterwards, and sometimes this is due to the negligence of the surgeon or team carrying out the procedure and post-care.

Examples of complications that may arise include:

•    Infection
•    Damage to your abdominal organs
•    Scarring and skin abnormalities 

Most of these issues are acknowledged as potential risks of undergoing these procedures.  You must always be aware that it is very common to be unhappy with the outcome and there be no negligence at all. 

However, should your care fall below the accepted standards either during the procedure or afterwards and as a result, any of these issues are made worse, then you may be able to make a claim for compensation on the grounds of negligence. 

What do I do if I believe I have been a victim of Cosmetic Surgery Negligence?

When choosing to undergo Liposuction, you would have likely researched many different surgeons and hospitals. You would have put your trust into a team that you had got to know over a period of time. If something then goes wrong as a result of negligence that has occurred, it will be an incredibly stressful time for you and you are probably feeling hurt and upset. As a result of the negligence, you may also be in pain and need to undergo even more invasive treatment to rectify the issues. 

The team at T G Baynes appreciate how you are feeling. Our expert solicitors have a wide range of experience in helping people like yourself make a compensation claim for Cosmetic Surgery Negligence and they will be able to guide you through the legal process from start to finish.   T G Baynes can offer No Win No Fee Agreements (CFAs) on qualifying cases.

We adopt a sensitive approach at all times to ensure that your needs and concerns are always listened to. You will always be given all the facts you need to make informed decisions about your claim.

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