Orthodontics is the term given to the procedure used where teeth are mal-aligned and this condition is normally treated using either a fixed or removable appliance.

Dental negligence claims in orthodontics normally include failure to recognise or treat un-eruptured or mal-positioned teeth. These types of claims often relate to the upper teeth.

Un-erupted teeth can cause damage to surrounding structures. Un-erupted teeth normally occur when a child reaches 9 or 10 years of age. The dentist should as part of a routine examination be looking for this and carry out x-rays on a periodical basis to check the alignment of the teeth.

Dental negligence claims in such cases will inevitably involve examples of damage to surrounding teeth or where substantial remedial treatment is required. This may also require extraction of adjacent teeth and possibly implant treatment.

Other circumstances in which a dental negligence claims may arise is when the dentist has failed to refer a patient to a specialist orthodontist. 

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