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Residential Property Possession Service

If you are the landlord of a residential property let to a Tenant under an Assured Shorthold Tenancy and the Tenant has either defaulted on their rent or the term of their tenancy has come to an end or is due to come to an end, then we can help you recover possession of the property from them. In addition, you may also be able to ask the court for a money Judgment for any outstanding rent.

When pursuing a claim for possession, accuracy is crucial. A claim for possession can fail for all manner of reasons. It is therefore imperative that it is done properly. This is where T G Baynes can assist you. We will aim to get your property back as soon as possible. You can, however, help us do so by giving us all the information that we require quickly. This will help us to help you!

T G Baynes offers a simple 3 stage fixed fee service as follows:





We will arrange for Notices to be served on your Tenant(s)

£99.99 plus VAT


We will issue a Claim for Possession either on the Standard or Accelerated Procedure, as appropriate and instruct an Agent or Counsel to represent you at the Possession Hearing if necessary

£749.99 plus VAT


We will issue a Warrant of Possession and arrange for the County Court Bailiff to attend the property to carry out an eviction

£149.99 plus VAT

If you are interested in instructing T G Baynes Residential Property Possession Service, then please contact us today at Alternatively, you can contact us by telephone on 0208 301 7777 or by post at T G Baynes, Broadway House, 208 Broadway, Bexleyheath, Kent DA6 7BG. Please quote website offer for ‘Residential Possession Service’ when doing so.

Terms and Conditions

1.The Residential Property Possession Service is subject to the following conditions:

(a) The tenancy is an Assured Shorthold Tenancy subject to a written agreement executed on or after 28th February 1997 and the tenancy has not immediately followed an Assured Tenancy which was not an Assured Shorthold Tenancy;

(b) Where a deposit has been received, it has been protected with an authorised Tenancy Deposit Scheme and all necessary requirements of the Scheme have been complied with, including serving the Tenant with the appropriate ‘prescribed information’;

(c) Possession is sought under Section 8 or Section 21 of the Housing Act 1988 (as amended by the Housing Act 1996);

(d) Where it is necessary to pursue a claim for possession, only one such claim is issued whether under the Accelerated or Standard Procedures;

(e) The claim for possession is routine and undefended;

(f) Where a Possession Hearing is fixed, attendance at only one such Hearing is required;

(g) If is it necessary to carry out an eviction, only one Warrant of Possession is issued and no Application is made by the Tenant to Suspend the Warrant and only one appointment with the Bailiff is required;

(h) You provide us with all information necessary to progress matters and you will deal with all and any requests made of you in this respect in a timely manner.

2. The decision as to whether your claim falls within the Residential Property Possession Service is at the sole discretion of this firm. If at any time one or more of the conditions of the Residential Property Possession Service are not met, then this firm’s standard charges will then apply. We will immediately let you know if, or when, this is the case.        

3. The charges stated represent this firm’s fees for the Residential Property Possession Service and are subject to VAT. In addition, disbursements and other expenses may also be payable. Each charge is due in full on commencement of each Stage regardless of whether that Stage is completed, whether or not your claim is ultimately successful or you subsequently withdraw, discontinue or otherwise cease to provide instructions. In addition, you will also be required to pay to us up front any court fees and/ or other disbursements to be incurred on your behalf; 

4. The charge at Stage 1 is payable per Notice. If you require more than one Notice to be served, then an additional charge will apply. All Notices will be served by First Class Post and Recorded Delivery. If you require service by any other method, then additional charges will apply;

5. The charge at Stage 2 covers the issue of one claim and representation in that one claim to a Hearing. Should more than one claim need to be issued or should more than one Hearing be required, then additional charges will apply;

6. The charge at Stage 3 covers the issue of one Warrant of Possession and applies where only one Appointment with the Bailiff is required. Should it be necessary to issue more than one Warrant, to re-issue a Warrant, should more than one Bailiff Appointment be needed or should the Tenant make an Application to Suspend the Warrant, then additional charges will apply. You will also need to meet the Bailiff at the property on the date/ time fixed for the eviction and arrange for a locksmith to change the locks and to secure the property against re-entry. We will not make such arrangements for you and we will not arrange a representative to attend the eviction on your behalf. If you require us to do so, then additional charges will be payable.