For Individuals


Employers often incorrectly tell employees that their roles are redundant, when they are not, or they fail to follow the correct redundancy processes.

If there is no genuine reduction in need for someone to do your role, any resulting dismissal could be unfair.

Where an employee’s role is genuinely redundant, their employer may fail to select and/or consult fairly by putting too few employees in the redundancy section pool or failing to score accurately.

At T G Baynes we recognise that being put at risk of redundancy and going through the selection process can be extremely distressing. 

If you have been put at risk of redundancy, we can support you through the process and advise you on your rights to ensure that you are being fairly treated. 

Where your employer has offered you a settlement agreement as part of the redundancy process, we can advise on the terms of the agreement and attempt to negotiate more favourable terms on your behalf.

Whether you are at risk of redundancy or have been selected, call us on 020 8301 7777 or email us at to see how we can help.