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Medical Negligence Compensation Case Studies


Case Study 1 - Dislocated Hip Compensation Claim

Mr T attended A&E with hip pain and restricted movement in the hip. He was discharged and continued to suffer pain over a period of months. He was later diagnosed with a slipped epiphysis which would have been evident at the time of the first attendance at the hospital. His claim was pursued against the hospital for this delay in diagnosis and compensation was recovered in the sum of £100,000.

Case Study 2 – 4th Degree Tear following Child birth

Whilst giving birth to her baby, Mrs X was not monitored and suffered a 4th degree tear.  What made matters worse was, that the midwive failed to examine the tear correctly or seek the opinion of a Consultant. Mrs X was later discharged home and suffered an infection, which led to sepsis.  The tear during this period damaged her muscles further and she later required repair surgery and a stoma bag for 1 year.  Compensation was recovered in the sum of £76,000.

Case Study 3 – Failure to diagnosis testicle cancer

Mr x reported to lump to his GP on three occasions but no examination was conducted. When he was finally referred to the hospital, he was diagnosed with testicle cancer and required surgery.  Asa result of the surgery, Mr X was left infertile therefore compensation was also sought for future IVF costs. Compensation was recovered in the sum of £300,000.00.