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Ophthalmic Claims including Laser Eye Treatment

These types of claims relate to treatment on your eyes and it could be bleb needling, cataract or laser eye surgery. 

Deciding to undergo Laser Eye Surgery is one of the biggest medical decisions many people will make. Naturally, our eyes are extremely sensitive and any kind of surgery or procedure on them can naturally cause some anxiety. The risks of anything going wrong during Laser Eye Surgery are low. However, sometimes things don’t go to plan. It is important to remember that not all complications are caused by negligence. However, if the doctor has breached their duty of care and the injury sustained is over and above that which you would have suffered in any event, you may be eligible for compensation.  

The expert teams at T G Baynes adopt a sensitive approach to ensure that all the facts about the medical negligence you have experienced are uncovered. We are experienced in helping victims of medical negligence to understand what went wrong during their Laser Eye Surgery and what they may be entitled to claim as compensation as a result.