Holiday and Travel Injury Claims

If you have suffered an accident in the UK or abroad whilst on holiday and have been injured, we may be able to bring a claim on your behalf against the tour operator or travel company that organised the holiday for you.

You could have slipped on some steps at your hotel or in a restaurant. Or you could have stepped on some glass that was located at the bottom of the swimming pool. Alternatively, you could have been on an excursion where the tour bus crashed.  Or you could have been skiing down the piste when another skier lost control and collided with you causing you to fall and suffer a back injury and be evacuated off the mountain by helicopter. Or you could have been on a cruise and suffered severe food poisoning whilst on board ship.

Talk to us first about what you can do to recover compensation for your injuries and financial losses, and most importantly the loss of enjoyment of your holiday, so that you can pay to go on another one to get over the problems of the last one.

Holiday Accident / Injury Travel Guide

Many of us have travelled or will be going abroad for a holiday. While most of us have an enjoyable and relaxing time, some holidays do not always go as planned and holidaymakers suffer unfortunate accidents.

Tour operators are under a duty to ensure that their customers' accommodation is both safe and hygienic and that customers are not exposed to the risk of injury, disease or infection.

When in an unfamiliar foreign country, you may not be able to seek immediate legal advice, but you can as soon as you arrive home. 

Below are 10 things that you should immediately do following an accident: 

  • Take photographs of either the defect or cause of the accident
  • Take photographs of the injury suffered
  • Ensure that the accident is reported to the tour operator and if necessary to the hotel or organiser of the event at which you were injured
  • Keep a copy of the Accident Report Form
  • Ensure you note down the names, addresses and telephone numbers of any witnesses
  • Seek immediate medical treatment if required
  • Make a note of the name and address of the hospital attended and the names of any doctors who treated you
  • If a travel insurance policy was taken out, inform the insurance company as soon as possible after the accident, even if you can't do this until you get home
  • Seek legal advice as soon as you get home because the time limits in which you must make a claim differ from country to country
  • Don't throw away your travel documentation

We hope you have an enjoyable and safe holiday! In case of any problems, please note that we have facilities in place to arrange medical treatment upon your return. 

T G Baynes can offer No Win No Fee Agreements (CFAs) on qualifying cases.  If you would like to speak to us about making a  Compensation Claim, please call us on 020 8301 7777 or email