Asbestosis Claims

What is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a highly heat-resistant fibrous mineral which was used often in industrial and commercial buildings. It is strong, resistant to fire and cheap to manufacture and purchase. Therefore it was a popular material for builders to use in insulation, flooring and roofing in the late 19th century. It is no longer used today.

Asbestos doesn't pose a health risk if it is not disturbed. However, if roofing tiles, flooring materials or insulation containing asbestos are damaged or dislodged, they can release fine dust that contains asbestos fibres. When this dust is breathed in, the asbestos fibres enter the lungs and can damage them over time.

You would need prolonged exposure to asbestos fibres, usually over many years, before you can develop asbestosis, which is a serious long-term condition and is classed as an Industrial Disease. 

What is Asbestosis?

Asbestosis is the scarring of the lungs caused by breathing in asbestos fibres over many years, and symptoms that you may experience include:

-    Shortness of breath

-    A persistent cough and/or wheezing

-    Fatigue

-    Chest or shoulder pain

There is, unfortunately, no current cure for asbestosis once it has developed, as it’s not possible to reverse the damage to your lungs.

What trades are most at risk of developing Asbestosis?

You might be at risk of developing asbestosis if you worked in the building or construction industries particularly in the 1940s-1990s. It is difficult to give a complete list of all trades that could be affected, but some of the trades associated with developing asbestosis include:

•    Building surveyors

•    Carpenters

•    Construction workers

•    Demolition workers

•    Electricians

•    Firefighters

•    Gas fitters

•    Heating and ventilation engineers

•    Insulation workers

•    Miners

•    Plumbers

•    Plasterers

•    Roofers

•    Shop fitters

This list is not exhaustive, and just because your trade is not listed, it does not mean you are unable to make a claim. If you are concerned that your asbestosis was caused by your employment a number of years ago, please contact T G Baynes for an informal chat to see how we can assist you.

Can I make a compensation claim for Asbestosis? What may I be entitled to if I am suffering from Asbestosis?

Due to their individual nature, claims for Industrial Diseases vary in severity, and this is also the case with a claim for asbestosis. With our extensive experience in managing such claims, we can say that the more debilitating that your asbestosis is, the more compensation tends to be awarded, but that each case and claim is different in many ways and individual to the person bringing it.

How do I make a compensation claim for Asbestosis?

Having broad experience in helping other people claim for asbestosis, T G Baynes’ solicitors understand what a frightening and worrying time this is for you and your family. By nature, Industrial Disease claims can sometimes be more complicated than other personal injury claims, mainly because of the time that had lapsed between when you were employed and when the symptoms of the asbestosis became apparent. Expert advice and evidence are often needed to prove a link between the asbestosis and your employment, which your solicitor will manage within your claim.

T G Baynes’ team of expert solicitors will guide you through the process of making a claim for asbestosis and will advise what we can do on your behalf to claim the compensation that you are rightfully entitled to. We ensure that we listen to your needs and concerns at this troubling time, advising you of the most appropriate process to follow to ensure the right result for you, whilst ensuring you are given all the facts you need to make informed decisions about your claim. 

T G Baynes can offer No Win No Fee Agreements (CFAs) on qualifying cases.  If you would like to speak to us about making a  Compensation Claim, please call us on 020 8301 7777 or email