John Wigginton

Head of Family


John is Head of the Family Department. He is a member of Resolution (formerly the SFLA). John has over 30 years specialising in Family Law. He has extensive experience in all aspects of divorce including:

  • Divorce or the representation of unmarried parties
  • Pre and Post Nuptial Agreements
  • Separation Agreements
  • Financial Resolutions involving significant assets
  • Child-related aspects of relationship breakdown
  • Cohabitee Disputes

John now specialises in the financial aspects during divorce and separation and, particularly in recent years, has developed considerable experience in cases involving companies, pensions and those cases where there are significant assets.


Divorce and related financial claims, child-related aspects of relationship breakdown, cohabitee disputes.


Classic British comedy and a lifelong supporter of Crystal Palace; John has an optimistic disposition.

John Wigginton is a Director John T Wigginton Limited; one of the companies comprising the partnership and Head of Family Department at T G Baynes Solicitors.

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