Initial 15 minute FREE telephone consultation on family and children matters

We offer an initial 15 minute free telephone meeting on all family and children matters on Wednesdays between 10.00 and 12 noon. To make an appointment simply call us today on 01322 295555.

.Initial 15 minute FREE consultation on all Wills and Probate matters

Our experienced Solicitors offer an initial 15 minute FREE consultation on all Wills, Probate and Tax Planning matters. So if you are unsure which is the best type of Will for you or want to find out more about Probate or Tax Planning, contact Lily Baldwin today on 020 8301 7620 to make an appointment.

Residential Property Possession Service

If you are the landlord of a residential property let to a Tenant under an Assured Shorthold Tenancy and the Tenant has either defaulted on their rent or the term of their tenancy has come to an end or is due to come to an end, then we can help you recover possession of the property from them.


Latest News

When a family business is handed down and ownership is split between two or more members of the next generation, the result can all too often be discord. Normally, this can be resolved by one party buying out the other, but when this does not occur, the...
A recent decision of the Court of Appeal has emphasised the importance of the provision of good quality, relevant evidence in cases involving children. The case concerned a council's decision to place two children up for adoption against their mother's...

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