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Settlement Agreements

Settlement Agreements are contracts between an Employer and Employee terminating the employment relationship usually based around some compensation to the Employee some of which can be paid tax free (subject to an indemnity in favour of the Employer – a sort of insurance policy that Employee will bear the responsibility for any further tax deemed payable by HMRC) and, perhaps, the provision of a reference.

If you have been offered a Settlement Agreement by your employer and wish to accept it, your employer will usually pay our fee in full.

For that fee, one of our independent relevant legal advisors will provide you with a telephone consultation giving you clear, easy to understand advice on the terms of the agreement and a signed certificate, which your employer will need before formally entering into the agreement with you.

If you have been given a tight deadline, one of our lawyers will usually be able to have the appointment with you within 1-2 working days.

If you are unhappy with the Settlement Agreement your employer has offered, one of our dedicated lawyers is here to help you negotiate a settlement package on more favourable terms.

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