For Businesses

Commercial Property Solicitors

Whether you are acquiring premises for a new business, expanding or relocating, we can deal with all aspects of the property transaction.

We can help negotiate the terms and help unravel the mysteries, of new or existing leases. We will tell you what they mean in plain English. Whether you are selling freehold or leasehold property or granting a tenant a new lease, we can prepare and negotiate the documentation and protect your interests.

We can also advise you on any continuing liability for tenant's covenants if you sell a lease, or ensure that your tenant does not dispose of a property to an unscrupulous third party without safe-guarding your rental income.

We are able to advise and assist you with other types of the transaction involving commercial property, such as conditional contracts, option agreements, overage agreements and other types of transaction dependent on the grant of a planning permission or the fulfilment of other conditions.

We have acted for many clients in connection with the grant of utility company rights to enter commercial and residential properties to instal, repair, maintain or dismantle and remove electricity cables, telephone wires or gas/water pipes. We are well versed in negotiating with such companies on your behalf.

We are also regularly advising in connection with commercial mortgages and other types of security for bank lending; such as personal guarantees for facilities granted to limited companies.