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Legal Services for Businesses

We act for many business clients running diverse businesses.

Even if you are a web-based business, you will probably need business premises at some stage. It is often the case that your investment in property will be your biggest single investment.

We have a great deal of experience in the acquisition and disposal of business property. We pride ourselves in providing pre-emptive advice in relation to issues which can lead to problems later. Property plays a vital part in the successful running of any business and we are here to provide assistance at all stages.

The success of your commercial contracts is vital to the smooth running of your business. We want to understand your business and your objectives so that we can provide you with not just good legal advice but sound business judgements that will help you achieve your business goals.  Our objective is to help businesses avoid conflict and legal disputes. Experience shows that properly drafted legal contracts and well thought out legal systems can prevent disputes from occurring.

However, business life is seldom straightforward. If problems do occur we can advise you on the merits of the dispute and on the practical ways in which the dispute can be resolved. We are experienced in all aspects of dispute resolution. We will give you pragmatic advice, represent and guide you through the dispute resolution process in a way which best fits your commercial objectives whether that involves negotiation, mediation, arbitration or court proceedings.

We can advise on: