Debt Recovery

We have a dedicated team that is aided in the recovery process by a computer system. This ensures a proactive approach to debt collection by us and our clients.
Our computer system is programmed to include calculation of interest under the Late Payment of Commercial Debt (Interest) Act of 1998 as amended. When recovered these can offset, if not extinguish, our charges to you.
Our aim is to collect your debt as quickly and efficiently as possible whilst maintaining a working relationship for you and your customer.
We operate a fixed price basis; our focus is firmly fixed on the recovery of what is due to you.  Court fees and fixed costs are your responsibility if proceedings are required. However, in successful actions, these costs are usually recovered together with interest and in commercial matters late payment charges. Some of our clients tell us that with recovery of the late payment charges, they have in some instances actually made a profit in suing for recovery of their overdue debts.
Our initial approach to a debtor is usually by letter, followed by telephone calls. If we are not successful in securing payment, we will seek your permission to issue court proceedings.
There are no hidden extras in our charges. They cover the process involved in straightforward debt collection work and certain insolvency matters.
Please note that our litigation department undertakes disputed / defended matters on a separate fee structure.
For more information about the Debt Recovery process please take a look at our Debt Recovery Guide.
To instruct us, simply send an email with copy statement or invoices and a brief note confirming the type of debt e.g. goods sold, services rendered, hire charges, advertising, professional services or other. Or post this information marked for the attention of  'The Debt Collection Department'.
We will contact you immediately to confirm receipt of your instructions  and discuss your particular requirements.