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At TG Baynes, we pride ourselves on providing an excellent and efficient service for our clients no matter what legal issues they need our assistance with. Our highly accredited solicitors in Orpington have a shared wealth of legal expertise encompassing many sectors of the law.

When working with our team, you can be sure that your legal matters are in the best hands. We ensure to provide regular updates on the status of your case, so you don’t have to worry about any unpleasant surprises later down the line.

We work efficiently and diligently to deliver optimal results to our clients, whilst also providing close support during what is likely a challenging time.

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Our legal services in Orpington

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How our solicitors in Orpington can help individuals

Family and divorce

Our family and divorce solicitors in Orpington have extensive experience guiding clients through the various processes and stages involved in family law. We have helped many families and individual’s deal with a multitude of legal issues, such as divorce, civil partnership dissolution, child arrangements, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements and more.

We understand how overwhelming family law issues can seem and in recognition of this, we ensure that you receive close personal and legal support through every step of the process. We also make sure to provide practical, clear and concise legal advice tailored to your circumstances and that you are regularly updated on the status of your case.

Buying and selling your home

At TG Baynes, we possess one of the largest residential conveyancing teams in the surrounding area. Our residential conveyancing solicitors in Orpington have local connections with many nearby estate agents, giving us an advantage over our competition. Our main objective is to enable an efficient and stress-free process for your conveyancing needs, including all property transactions.

Through this goal, we have created our EasyMove platform, which allows our conveyancing solicitors in Orpington see have a clear view on every aspect of your property transaction throughout the entire process.

Dispute resolution for individuals

Our dispute resolution solicitors in Orpington have years of experience assisting in the resolution of a wide variety of legal disputes on behalf of our clients, with our main goal being to attain the best possible outcome for their specific circumstances.

We do our utmost to avoid court proceedings as this can often be stressful, costly and time-inefficient for our clients. However, should the courtroom be unavoidable, we provide an excellent litigation service.

Working with our solicitors means that you will have an expertly crafted case, whilst we keep you consistently updated on the progress of your case.

Wills and probate

We understand that legal issues regarding Wills and probate can often be complex and contentious. Wills and probate solicitors in Orpington are available to advise on a wide variety of issues relating to Wills and probate, as well as helping to guide you through the probate process. We can answer any questions you may have a regarding inheritance law or providing general support during this challenging time.

This area of law is often filled with legal jargon, so our solicitors make sure to provide clear and practical advice wherever possible.

How our solicitors in Orpington can help businesses

Business debt recovery

When you are running a business, having any outstanding payments can have serious consequences for your business, disrupting your cash flow and taking up precious resources such as your time and energy.

Our specialist debt recovery solicitors have years of experience providing a quality and cost-effective service helping to resolve our client’s business debts in a calm and efficient manner, often without resorting to litigation.

Our debt recovery solicitors in Orpington are available to help with individual and volume debt recovery, as well providing guidance on your in-house credit control processes, which in turn minimises the risk of these problems occurring in the future.  

Commercial property

During any commercial property transaction, it is essential that you have the support of an experienced commercial property solicitor. Our team of commercial property solicitors in Orpington have the experience and expertise to provide the robust support that you need.

When buying, selling, leasing or managing commercial properties, the right legal support is essential to protect your interests. Our highly experienced team of commercial property solicitors in Dartford are ready to provide skilled advice and assistance.

We recognise the significance of commercial property transactions, as well as the intricacies they include. When handling each case, we focus on both the legal details and your business goals.

Commercial services

Our commercial law solicitors in Orpington are at hand the provide quality support across multiple issues regarding commercial services, such as shareholder and partnership agreements, terms and conditions, company formations and employment legalities.

 We can also work with you on matters such as mergers and demergers, business purchases and sales and corporate finance and franchising.

We can also help with matters including business purchases and sales, mergers and de-mergers, corporate finance, and franchising.

Commercial litigation

Our commercial litigations solicitors in Orpington are able to assist with a large variety of business disputes, including contracts and agreements or disputes between shareholders, as well as matters related to intellectual property.

Our solicitors have a wide breadth of knowledge regarding this area of the law and work diligently to help you through even the most difficult legal situations. We always create an in depth strategy before approaching any case whilst consulting you throughout every stage of the process.

How to find our solicitors in Orpington

Reach us by car

Our office in Orpington is a 5-minute walk from Commodore carpark, as well as a Homefield carpark.

Reach us by bus

We are close to a number of local bus routes, including the 93FX, G4, 93CW and XW.

Reach us by train

Our Orpington office is a 15-minute walk from Orpington train station.


At TG Baynes, we believe that everyone has the right to quality legal services, no matter what their situation is. We are committed to accessibility, so should you have any requirements when using any of our services, please get in touch so we are able to accommodate you appropriately.

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