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Accident and Emergency Claims

The vast majority of us will only go to Accident and Emergency if we absolutely have to, and it can be quite a difficult decision to make as we often don’t want to be a burden on the already-stretched NHS.

When an injury or an accident occurs, Accident and Emergency is naturally the first port of call.  Although this decision to go is not taken likely given the pressures on the NHS.  However, if we do need to attend A&E, we rightly expect a particular standard of care to be given to us.

Unfortunately, there are instances where that level of care in A&E can be reduced for a variety of reasons and as a result, mistakes can lead to life threating conditions.

Failures can includes but are not limited too: 

  • Misdiagnosis of your condition
  • Failure to provide treatment or delayed treatment
  • Faulty equipment
  • Failure to refer or lack of medical staff
  • Failure to review medical records / reports correctly

The impact of these failures could be devasting for your family. You could be in discomfort, pain; you may have life-changing injuries or disabilities as a result of the medical negligence you have suffered, and you may need to undergo further medical treatment or rehabilitation as a result.

The dedicated team at T G Baynes adopt a sensitive approach to ensure that all the facts about the medical negligence you have experienced are uncovered. We are experienced in helping victims of medical negligence to understand what went wrong during their A&E admission and what they may be entitled to claim as compensation as a result.