Cerebral Palsy Compensation Claim

Sadly when medical negligence occurs during childbirth, there are often devastating consequences to the mother or the child as a result. 

Expectant mothers and their partners and families naturally put their complete trust into the midwife or doctor involved in their antenatal and postnatal care. If the negligent actions of your midwife or doctor cause the standards of the care you are receiving to slip below reasonable and this leads to your child suffering an injury during birth, families are understandably angry and apprehensive as to how they can help the child during their lives. 

A condition that can be caused by medical negligence in childbirth is Cerebral Palsy. This is damage to the brain while the baby was either in utero or at birth. There are many causes, but often it is due to oxygen deprivation to the child or infection. Children who have Cerebral Palsy have difficulties in controlling their muscles and movement. Sometimes they have learning difficulties, find it hard to feed and swallow and they may also have difficulties with their hearing or their sight. There are varying degrees of cerebral palsy with some children being able to live a full unaffected life to those who require 24/7 care. 

During pregnancy, both mother and baby are monitored to identify any potential problems at this stage. Sometimes, problems such as a compromised blood flow to the baby or the baby being in distress are not identified and this can be a breach of duty which leads to the brain injury. During childbirth and labour, mother and baby again should be monitored to a reasonable level, including CTG monitoring. It can become apparent that the child is distressed and if so, it is vital that your midwife or doctor ensure that the child is delivered immediately and without delay. If there is a delay identifying the difficulties, or in delivering the child, then there is the possibility that they could be starved of oxygen, which can then cause brain damage and Cerebral Palsy. It is also possible for Cerebral Palsy to be caused by negligence after the child has been born, for example if an infection is not treated.

If your child has developed Cerebral Palsy as a result of negligence throughout their birth, it will no doubt a very tough time for you and your family, and the lasting effects of any injury your child has received may not be fully realised yet. Your child may still be in hospital and will likely need more treatment in the longer term. 

It is important to us at T G Baynes that we are sensitive to the needs and concerns of you, your family and your child at this difficult time. We are experienced in helping families to understand what happened and how you may be able to claim the compensation your child deserves as result of negligence by your midwife or doctor, compensation that can help their ongoing needs and requirements to be fully supported for the rest of their lives if necessary. 

We will always listen to you and your family and we will guide you through the legal process from start to finish, providing you with the full facts of your case at all times and being on hand to provide the legal support you may need at this time. 

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