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Fertility Claims

Some forms of medical negligence can lead to fertility issues, the hurt and anguish that you will be experiencing, as a result, will be indescribable.

You may have received negligent care from the medical staff at an NHS hospital or private clinic. Alternatively, you may have been receiving fertility treatment which has not been undertaken with due care. 

You may have undergone a routine operation, and as a result of surgical error and medical negligence on behalf of the surgeon or medical staff involved, you may have lost your ovaries or your fallopian tubes. You may have experienced an ectopic pregnancy, but when you were admitted to hospital, it may not have been diagnosed quick enough, leading to you having to undergo surgery and a loss of some of your reproductive organs as a result.

Perhaps, having gone through the worrying experience of IVF or other fertility treatment, you may have been the victim of a mix-up of embryos or sperm which may have occurred. Whilst thankfully a very rare occurrence, it is, unfortunately, an issue that has happened previously. Perhaps there has been a problem with the administration of drugs, or a failure to protect from or diagnose you with Ovary Hyper Stimulation Syndrome leading to injury. 

If you believe you are the victim of medical negligence, this is, of course, a very difficult time for you and your partner, and the lasting effects of any fertility issues you may have received due to medical negligence may still yet to be fully realised.