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Gynaecology Claims including Tension Free Vaginal Tape (TVT) & V

Many women suffer with various gynaecological issues throughout their lifetime and any issue will, of course, be extremely sensitive. If something unexpectedly goes wrong during or after a gynaecological procedure due to medical negligence, you will be feeling at your most vulnerable, not only physically but mentally too.

A common gynaecological issue that T G Baynes have experience in making claims for include Tension Free Vaginal Tape and Vaginal Mesh Implant Procedures. Our experience is not restricted to these procedures and there are many other causes of negligence that we have dealt with, but this seems to be one of the most common.  

After childbirth, there is a chance that a woman’s bladder control will be somewhat reduced. Some women suffer from something called Pelvic Organ Prolapse after they have given birth and symptoms can present themselves as it being hard to go to the toilet, experiencing discomfort when having sex and a general feeling of uncomfortableness in their vagina. Some women also may have a leaky bladder, which often presents itself when sneezing or jumping on a trampoline, for example. 

Tension Free Vaginal Tape (or TVT), and then later Vaginal Mesh, were products that women were told were able to treat their Pelvic Organ Prolapse without the need to have invasive surgery. For some years, all seemed to be well with those women who had undergone the TVT or Vaginal Mesh procedures. However, recently, many women have experienced post-operative complications due to undergoing the procedures, including some women experiencing heavy vaginal bleeding, extreme difficulty in being able to go to the toilet, being unable to have sex or finding it incredibly hard to walk.

Because of the nature of the TVT or Vaginal Mesh implant, it was designed to allow the muscles and tissues to grow around it and effectively become part of the body, which inevitably means it can be very hard to remove it if it is causing problems. 

Over recent years, there has been a lot in the press about the difficulties that women have been experiencing as a result of the TVT and Vaginal Mesh procedures, and some of that concern has focused on whether medical negligence was to blame for the issues many women are now experiencing, either through the design of the TVT and Vaginal Mesh implants, or through their insertion. 

If you have undergone either of these procedures then your surgeon should have provided you with specific advice about them, as there is no standard advice which applies to all. However, your surgeon should have spoken to you about the benefits of the procedure, the risks of undergoing it and the risks of not undergoing it. They should have provided you with detailed information about the implant and they should have also explained that the implant was permanent and could not easily be removed in the instance of post-operative complications.

It is important to remember that not all problems are caused by negligence on the part of the doctors. Many people have procedures with no effects at all. However, if you feel you may have been the victim of medical negligence, it can be hard to know what to do for the best, and whether you make a claim or not could depend on whether you will have ongoing health issues as a result of the negligence.  You may be able to claim for compensation which could mean that any long-lasting effects that you suffer with can be properly supported and rehabilitated. 

It is important to us at T G Baynes that we are sensitive to your needs at this difficult time. We are experienced in helping victims of medical negligence to understand what went wrong during or after their surgery. We will always listen to you and we will guide you through the legal process from start to finish, providing you with the full facts of the case at all times and being on hand to provide the legal support you may need at this time.