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Surgical Error Claims

Having surgery of any kind or scale, whether it be planned or emergency, will always be a stressful time. No matter how well you understand what the surgery entails, what the risk factors are and how well you may have got to know your surgeon, you will no doubt still feel worried or concerned before you go for your operation. 

If something then goes wrong as a result of medical negligence during your surgery, you will then also have to deal with the feelings that come with it – anger, distress, upset, concern – as well as likely physical issues as a consequence. 

It is important to note that not all complications are caused by negligence, but if the clinician has breached their duty of care, then we may able to assist.  Surgical errors that may be caused by medical negligence can include (but not limited to):

  • Any of your organs or blood vessels being cut or damaged by mistake
  • Poor hygiene control resulting in an infection
  • Damage to nerves or veins during the surgery
  • The incorrect operation being carried out
  • The operation being carried out in the wrong place (or ‘site’ on your body)
  •  Inadequate care after your operation

If your surgeon has overlooked something during your surgery, forgotten to complete a procedure or not taken the advice of other medical professionals in the room, it can lead to errors such as the above being made. Perhaps the nursing staff have failed to prepare you for surgery properly or following surgery, have failed to provide diligent care. Due to their medical negligence, you may require extra long-term care which will need to be arranged and funded. You and your family may be able to claim for compensation which could mean that any long-lasting effects that you suffer with as a result of surgical errors can be properly supported and rehabilitated. 

This is, of course, a very difficult time for you and your family, and the lasting effects of any issues you may have received due to clinical negligence may still yet to be fully realised. It is important to us at T G Baynes that the needs of you and your family at this tough time. We are experienced in helping victims of clinical negligence to understand what went wrong during or after their surgery and how you may be able to claim the compensation you deserve as result of negligence by your surgeon. 

We will always listen to you and your family and we will guide you through the legal process from start to finish, providing you with the full facts of the case at all times and being on hand to provide the legal support you may need at this time. 

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