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Commercial Litigation Case Studies

The following are examples of successful litigation matters the firm has advised on.

Case Study 1

During 2013, Michael Clark led the matter of a firm against a well known accreditation body. The Defendant had threatened to revoke the client’s accreditation, forcing our client to resign and the matter went to appeal. At stage two of the appeal the client was completely vindicated and has since been re-accredited.

Case Study 2

In May 2013, Our Solicitor won a case against an individual who claimed that he had not contracted with the Claimant in his personal capacity as claimed, but had contracted on behalf of a limited company which had been incorporated after the parties had created a course of dealing but before the relevant contract was entered into.

The Claimant’s case was that it had no knowledge of the incorporation of the limited company and continued to contract with the individual. The Claimant’s case was successful.

Case Study 3

In June 2013, Our Solicitor was able to fight off an application to set aside a statutory demand in relation to a claim worth over £120,000.00. The application brought by the unsuccessful limited company was based on alleged non-service of the demand following personal service being effected at the registered office of the company but where the company only used a pigeon hole.