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Transfer of Equity Solicitors

A Transfer of Equity is the process of adding or removing someone as an owner of a property. Transfers of Equity differ from a sale of the property as at least one of the original owners of the property will remain unchanged. 

There are many reasons as to why a property may need to be transferred in this way including divorce/breakdown of a relationship, a new relationship or for tax planning. If the property being transferred is subject to a mortgage, then consent from your Lender to the transfer will be required and it may also be necessary to add or remove a party to the mortgage. In certain circumstances it may be possible to re-mortgage the property at the same time as dealing with the transfer. Every Transfer of Equity is therefore unique, and TG Baynes can offer expert advice on all Transfers of Equity.

If you require assistance regarding a Transfer of Equity, then please contact our Dartford Office on 01322 295555 to speak to one of our Solicitors to discuss your requirements in more detail.