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Equity Release Solicitors

Equity Release Mortgages (also known as Lifetime Mortgages) offer those aged 55 and over the opportunity to obtain a tax-free lump sum cash payment secured by way of a mortgage against your home.

Equity Release Mortgages differ from standard mortgages as the Lender does not require you to make monthly repayments during the term of the mortgage. This is because the interest charged by the Lender is added to the loan amount for the duration of the mortgage. The mortgage is then repaid when your home is sold after you have passed away or you leave your home due to requiring long term care.

There are various Lenders who offer Equity Release Mortgages and the first step, should you be considering an Equity Release Mortgage, is to speak to a Financial Advisor who will be able to provide expert advice as to the product best suited to your circumstances and needs. The Financial Advisor will also assist you with submitting your application to the Lender. 

Once the Mortgage Offer has been issued it is a requirement of all Equity Release Lender’s for you to receive independent legal advice prior to completion of the mortgage and this is where TG Baynes can assist you. We offer friendly expert advice regarding Equity Release Mortgages to ensure you are fully aware of and understand the terms of the Equity Release Mortgage you are entering into. We offer face to face appointments at our Dartford Office where we will provide you with all the relevant advice, answer all your queries and arrange for you to sign all the necessary documentation. Once we have provided you with all necessary advice, we will then progress your Equity Release Mortgage to completion in a timely and professional fashion.

If you are obtaining an Equity Release Mortgage and require our expert advice, then please contact our Dartford Office on 01322 295555 to obtain further details.