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Civil Ligiation Case Studies


In January 2015, Michael Clark was successful in obtaining an order from the Court that a property held jointly with our client's brother be transferred to our client solely in circumstances where our client had only jointly owned the property with the client in order to obtain a more beneficial mortgage and where her brother had not contributed to the purchase or subsequent mortgage payments. The Defendant was also ordered to pay the Claimant's costs

During 2014, Michael Clark took a matter to trial which came before the Court in January 2015. The matter concerned a dispute over a private right of way, the Defendant was obstructing our client's garage for which he received damages and, despite a refusal to engage in any mediation, was awarded the vast majority of his costs.

Our Solicitor was praised in May 2014 by the Judge for her "refreshingly proportionate costs" and, after having succeeded in the claim against the Defendant entirely was awarded all of the costs claimed without deduction.

Our Solicitor has successfully avoided copyright claims against two of our clients in 2014 without the provision of undertakings to guard against further infringement.

Stephen Rogers was successful in a number of cases but principally, some being a contested Trust of Land claim concerning three properties with related Children Act Application. Settlement achieved at Trial whereby the client was declared sole owner of two of the properties with our opponent declared sole owner of one property subject to preservation of the family home for the welfare of the child of the relationship. Another was an unmeritorious Trust of Land claim Struck Out at first Directions Hearing with full Order for costs. A related claim for possession

In late 2014, David Fedrick dealt with a matter for our client against a firm of builders trying to wriggle out of contract to pay an agent's introduction fee, although agreed a slight reduction for commercial reasons, the case settled very favourably in our client's favour. 

Emma Harris has managed to obtain several costs orders in successful small claims track applications where costs orders are very rare.

Emma Harris successfully obtained £20,000 in costs having been awarded £23,000.00 in damages against the Defendant for our Claimant client.