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Solicitors For The Elderly

We recognise that elderly clients often have specific needs which is why we have a dedicated team to provide helpful and friendly advice on a range of issues including:

Andrew Robertson is a fully accredited member of The Association of Lifetime Lawyers (formally known as Solicitors for the Elderly).

Not just any lawyer can be a member of The Association of Lifetime Lawyers. Members must have spent a substantial amount of their time working for elderly clients and have to meet criteria for membership. They must also follow the The Association of Lifetime Lawyers code of practice.

Members have the knowledge that allows them to ignore the myths relating to ageing and the competence of elderly people. At the same time, they will take into account and empathise with any difficulties, both mental and physical, which may accompany the ageing process. They are able to determine more easily between mental and physical disabilities and are more aware of social and health problems that arise as people age. This wealth of experience will hopefully put you at ease when resolving your legal issues.

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