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Fatal Accident Claims

Regrettably a loved one could have been killed in an accident be it at work or a road traffic accident. In that case obviously they wouldn’t benefit from the compensation - however the family and ones left behind could.

Fatal Accident Claims

Losing a loved one in an accident is truly devastating. The shock and grief must be overwhelming. We at T G Baynes understand the difficulties you can face and help seek the compensation for the loss suffered.

The loss of a loved one could result in the loss of income to pay the rent or the mortgage and even paying for the food to be put on the table. Such a loss of a loved one would be regarded as being horrendous enough without considering the financial consequences too, such as losing your home, your financial security and everything that goes with that

If you or someone else in the family has been financially dependent on that lost someone then you may be able to make a claim, as well as recover compensation for what you or your children have lost out on. 

At T G Baynes, our dedicated Solicitors would investigate what happened to your loved one but also seek compensation to help make sure you and your family have the money you need to get through this difficult time.

Catastrophic Injury

What is a Catastrophic Injury?

Catastrophic injuries are considered to be injuries that are life altering in nature. Injuries this severe often involve damage to the spinal column, injury to the brain or skull, severe burns or any other form of injury that will have a significant impact on a person for the rest of their life such as brain damage or amputation or other injuries. When defining a catastrophic injury consideration is given to ongoing medical and care needs, impaired mobility or diminished cognitive function.

The severity of the injury may not be evident immediately after the incident, but perhaps during the period in which you should be seeing a recovery, it then becomes apparent the injury is more severe than originally thought. 

Compensation for a Catastrophic Injury 

We understand that no amount of money can undo the trauma or injury. Of course, it cannot. However, financial compensation can go some way to ensure that lives can be made easier knowing that care needs (now and in the future) are taken care of along with ensuring lessons are learnt and perhaps a repeat of the circumstances can be avoided.

A catastrophically injured person requires significant care and assistance which they would not have required had the injury not been sustained whether through negligence or incident. Compensation can help with these costs, ensuring that the person receives the best care and aids available to make life as easy as possible for them and their loved ones.  

How can T G Baynes Solicitor help you claim compensation for a fatal or catastrophic injury?

T G Baynes Solicitors have a dedicated team of experienced Solicitors that understand the impact of a catastrophic injury on both a person’s body and mind, their life and their family. We help people through the legal system to receive compensation for the serious trauma they have suffered. 

T G Baynes is one of the major legal service providers in the South East, with offices in Bexleyheath and Dartford.  We thrive on building enduring client relationships based on proven professional and practical skills and the recognition of the need to listen to clients, talk over their concerns and help them at every stage with the help of our flexible and reliable staff.  

If you have suffered an injury that was not your fault and would like to discuss claiming compensation, then call us on 020 8301 7777 or email us on

Road Traffic Accident Claims

You can claim personal injury if you have been involved in a Road Traffic Accident in a motor vehicle collision, as a driver or a passenger. Road Traffic Accident are not limited to motor vehicle collisions between two (or more) cars. 

You can claim if were a pedestrian walking along a pavement or crossing a road at the traffic lights or a zebra crossing when a car knocked you down. Or, if you were a cyclist and a motor vehicle failed to provide you with sufficient room as it drove past you, causing a collision.

As all of the above events breach the Highway Code you would be entitled to compensation provided you suffered an injury as a result of another’s failure. 

Our team of experienced solicitors have dealt with all the types of accidents described above and can help seek you the compensation you rightly deserve. If you would like to speak to us about making a Compensation Claim, please call us on 020 8301 7777 or email