Personal Injury Case Studies

Case Study 1 – Accident at work

Mr S worked at a bakery factory where he operated the bread making machinery. He was instructed to commence work on some equipment he was unfamiliar with. Mr S was moving around his station when he slipped on an oil spillage, causing him to fall heavily on his knees, resulting in a fractured left knee. Compensation was recovered in the sum of £14,500.

Case Study 2 – Lift accident

Mrs J is a blind and disabled lady who lived in a three storey house. To allow her to access all the floors of the property she had a lift installed. Unfortunately this

malfunctioned three times and on the third occasion she became trapped between the first and ground floors. To get out of the lift our client opened the door but as she was blind, she fell out of the lift fracturing her tibia and fibula. Liability was disputed and never admitted. Compensation was recovered in the sum of £30,000.

Case Study 3 – Accident alighting a bus

Mrs S was on the bus, sitting in the first set of seats, facing the bus driver. The bus stopped at the bus stop and she got up and went to collect her bags from the luggage area before proceeding to the exit door. Without warning the bus driver closed the doors and pulled away sharply, causing her to fall backwards onto the floor of the bus.

As a result of the accident Mrs S suffered a broken coccyx. In addition to physiotherapy her daughter now provides care as her mobility has greatly reduced. Compensation of £15,000 was awarded.

Case Study 4 – Holiday accident

Whilst on holiday Mrs C slipped on water whilst making her way from the swimming pool to the lift area to go for lunch. It was clear that the floor had been previously repaired, but water was still seeping through. She went to the local hospital, but unfortunately the x-rays were inconclusive. On her return to the UK she had a further x-ray which identified a broken toe in addition to pain in her left arm as a result of the fall.

Compensation of £1,800 was awarded as a result of the accident and to cover the loss of enjoyment of the holiday.