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Personal Injury Case Studies


Case Study 1 – Accident at work

Mr M was working on a demolition site when he was run over by forklift truck, being driven by his colleague. Liability for the incident and the injury but admitted but Mr M required several operations to his leg which has been severed by the accident. After a few years it was agreed that the leg had to be amputated due to nerve damage.

As a result of the accident, Mr M was unable to work and suffered financially. He requires adaptations to his home, extensive rehabilitation, a prosthesis leg, wheelchairs and other aids. Mr M had a large claim for past losses and future losses including loss of earnings and care and assistance. 

Damages were agreed at £3.7 million.

Case Study 2 – Slip and Trip

Mrs C was walking outside a busy London Underground Station when she tripped on a broken paving slab. She suffered a broken shoulder and collar bone as a result of the fall. Liability was disputed on the grounds that the Local Authority had a reasonable inspection policy in place and the defect was due to be repaired when the accident occurred. However, our investigations revealed that the Local Authority failed to repair the accident location even after 1 year after the accident, rendering the defect unsafe and their inspection and repair policy unsafe.

Mrs C required surgery to fix her shoulder and collar bone and extensive rehabilitation. Her daughter provided her with care and assistance throughout her recovery which was also recoverable.

Damages were agreed in the sum of £52,000.00.

Case Study 3 – Road Traffic Accident

Mrs G was crossing the road at a set of traffic lights, when the Defendant failed to adhere to the traffic lights and collided with Mrs G. Mrs G suffered several injuries including a broken arm, whiplash and heavy bruising. Liability for the accident was accepted and following Mrs G’s physiotherapy, she was awarded damages in the sum of £17,000.00.