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Oncology Negligence Claims

If you or a loved one is diagnosed with cancer, the future can seem incredibly bleak and you will experience a range of emotions including upset, distress, concern, worry and confusion.

You will have to deal with your diagnosis alongside trying to understand what treatment you will need to undergo to try and keep the disease at bay. There may also be an element of anger if you or your family consider that more could have been done to treat the condition sooner. Sometimes, no matter was treatment was provided / should have been provided, it would have made no difference to the outcome, such is the nature of the disease. However, sometimes an earlier diagnosis can lead to a better outcome and a delay in diagnosis may be due to negligence. 

And whilst it will likely not be your priority to think of making a claim if you have been a victim of oncology medical negligence, it may be worth thinking of the impact on you and your family as time goes on.

It may be that your cancer was misdiagnosed initially; your symptoms could have gone unrecognised by an under-pressure GP, vital test results may have gone missing from the hospital lab, an appointment letter for that important scan may not have been sent out in the right timescale. Any of these factors could be classed as clinical medical negligence.  If you feel you have been a victim of one of them or something similar, you may be able to make a claim for the compensation and that could mean that any long-lasting health issues that you suffer with as a result can be properly supported and cared for.

This is, without doubt, a very difficult time for you and your family. It is important to us at T G Baynes that we are sensitive to the needs of you and your family at this time. We are experienced in helping victims of medical negligence to understand what went wrong during their care.

We will always listen to you and your family and we will guide you through the legal process from start to finish, providing you with the full facts of the case at all times and being on hand to provide the legal support you may need at this time. 

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